KAISER secures order for sulphur pastillation unit

KAISER Process and Belt Technology has now turned another interested party into a customer with its many qualities. KAISER is now designing, manufacturing and supplying a pastillation unit for sulphur for a globally active engineering service provider with extensive expertise in the field of planning and construction of industrial plants for innovative engineering and future-oriented technologies.

Decisive for the successful completion were the design trials at the test center, where the proven ZN pastillation unit once again showed its strengths:

- simple and extremely robust design, even with special materials

- The ZN process is even suitable for the pastillation of very low viscosity products.

- the only process that can be completely gas-tight encapsulated

- Different pastille sizes can be achieved by simply changing the nozzle.

- A reduction of the output up to 10% of the maximum output (turn down ratio) can be realized continuously and the process does not have to be interrupted in case of output fluctuations.

In addition to KAISER PBT's extensive know-how in the field of chemical process technology, the customer was also convinced by the company's capabilities in the design and manufacturing of cooling belt systems and complete turnkey plants, as well as the innovative special equipment, which is planned and implemented exactly according to the requirements for the new plant.